So I'm looking into getting myself a good delay pedal in the $100 range (I'm on a bit of a budget). I love the warmth of analogue delays, so that's what I'm leaning more towards.
I'm looking at all the options, pretty much: EHX Memory Toy and Boy, Behringer VM-1, Biyang AD-8 and GFS Analog Delay (pretty much a rehoused and slightly modified Biyang), the Rogue Analog Delay. What I've realized is that I have a bit of a dilemma...

I like the sound of the mod switches of the EHX pedals (chorus/vibrato), but neither of these pedals have very long delay time, whereas the Biyang/GFS, though not 100% analogue (still have that sound though) do not have mod switches.

Does anyone have any suggestions towards other pedals with longer delay times, which also have a good mod section, within my price range? Again, I really like the sound of analogue, so hopefully that narrows it down (I know that analogue in general has lower delay times than digital, I don't need anything ridiculous, the 1100ms that the Biyang/GFS is the extent of anything I'd ever need).

Also, if I was to get a pedal without a mod switch, would using a chorus pedal, either before or after the delay, give a comparable sound to the mod switch?

ive got a boss dd3 tht sounds like its what ure after, if not just a little over ur budget...
I had the Biyang AD-8 and it was a very good delay... except it sucked a lot of treble away when you turned it on. Almost like switching to the neck pickup, without even switching to it. Hope that helps.
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