Hey everyone,

I play a PRS SE Custom 24 (25th anniversary). I play through a Fender Frontman 212R (I know, I know... but honestly it's not a bad amp) I use a Digitech RP as my effects unit as well as an amp-modeler, which i run into the Frontman's effects return. However, the problems I will describe appear regardless of what amp (Tube, SS, Modeler, Etc) I play through.

For my uses, I need my guitar to be able to produce a good rock and hardrock crunch, and good/great cleans.

The problem I am having with my pickups are: my bridge humbucker (stock) has a great hardrock tone to it, but any playing that has to do with chords on the treble strings is unbearably high pitched even with the treble setting all the way down on my amp. Which means that I cannot use open chords/barre chords with any distortion, something that i need to be able to do.

The problem with my neck pickup is: it is extremely muddy. I have to crank the highs/mids and cut the bass to nothing in order to maintain any amount of clairity. I love the sound of neck pickups for clean chord progressions and rhythm guitar, so not being able to use my neck pickup with out serious tweaking to my amp is very depressing.

I found a few Dimarzio's that I think might work, but my Pickup knowledge is very limited (even after reading the "which pups thread"..) So, I don't want to make the mistake of limiting myself to only one brand. Anyway the models I was thinking about are:

Bridge: DiMarzio: Tonezone DP115, Crunch Lab DP228.

Neck: Air Norton DP193.

I would appricaiate your input and reccomendations; assume that price is no option.

Thanks for reading my wall-of-text

Have you checked how close your pickups are to the strings? That can muddy the tone up quite a bit depending on the distance. Also you're likley to get an influx of 'you need a new amp' replies and for the most part I would agree but not in this case.
Yeah, those stock pickups should be fine. Sounds like a guitar issue. I'd go for the tone zone or super distortion in the bridge and a PAF pro in the neck. If you are going to change pickups that is.