Trying to tab my band's song but there is a tempo change during the song. How do I change the tempo of few riffs rather than changing tempo of the whole song?

Never mind figured out my self
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There's a little button on the lower-right corner of the screen. It looks like a little block with green on one side, and red on other. Here, you can change almost anything about the song, including the instrument sound.
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I'm assuming its GP5, select the point you wish to change the tempo and select the mix table button (or press F10), tick the tempo box afterwhich the tempo options will appear (next to the tempo box), alter these options accordingly. This will change the song's tempo until the end of the song or until you change it back at a point following the same precedure at the point you wish the tempo change again. This allows you to have as many tempo changes in a song as you want. If its not gp5 the procedure should be the same I guess. I hope that helps

Edit: Nevermind you figured it out yourself