Hi everyone,

I am interested in learning the guitar. My brother has one that I have played around on, but it is too large for my small hands. I have child-size hands. The bottom of my palm to the tip of my middle finger is only about 5.5" long. At work, they have to buy me extra small gloves and even those are a tad big. I can play single notes and some simple cords on my brother's guitar, but some of the chords are just too far for my fingers to span. I am looking to get my own guitar and would like suggestions for guitars (both acoustic and electric) that would work better for smaller hands. I'm doing research before I buy anything. I want a guitar that will work for me and my teeny hands. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
just check into 3/4 scale guitars, they won't be the best you can get but they should handle you just fine.

Now if they're too small, look for some 24.75" scale guitars with a flat neck like Ibanez or something
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Angus Young uses an SG because of his small stature. Not sure exactly how big his hands are though
They list the ibanez s series as being 25.5 scale but it always feels so much smaller to me when I'm playing it.. maybe that's because of the body. Either way, check out some low end s series models (or some high ones if you've got the budget). If you're going acoustic, buy a classical guitar or you'll never reach anything.
SG is good for small hands. Probably the most narrow neck I have ever played on and I really like them!
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If you live near a guitar store, go in and ask for advice. In my experience, guitar store clerks are usually cool dudes that don't mind helping out, and there's no way you can get a feel for the instrument and how your hands fits on it unless you try it out yourself. Good luck!