Sup guys

I have a very economy picking style, i try not to stick to any specific pattern and just use what feels best for me

I have been playing guitar for about 7 years and after the first year, pain in my picking hand has been more or less non existent even when playing songs like bleed or failed creation

recently iv been learning a song that requires a LOT of down picking and its giving me cramp really bad to the point that i cant just shake it off

from what i know i pick from the wrist and have done for years so i dont think this is the problem

anyone else have this and know how to get around it?

help would be great as its causing me a lot of problems
In my expirience the typical explanation for hand cramps is too much tension in the picking hand. Using a picking style that isn't all to familar might make your picking more tense and result in cramps.
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if the down picking is all on one string, then surely you can do alternate picking? Otherwise, perhaps try to pick more by moving your fingers as well as wrist. I find that when I pick, my thumb and forefinger also pull the pick in the direction I'm picking, means your wrist moves a lot less
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Quote by makutoid
if the down picking is all on one string, then surely you can do alternate picking?

In metal people use only downpicking in some stuff because it gives a different sound, so alternate picking is not an option.
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Pick at the speed your comfortable at with all 8th notes. Use a metronome. Move up the bpm as you progress. Thats it really