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Primordial Monster
21 26%
Intelligent Psycopath
36 44%
The Offspring of Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber
25 30%
Voters: 82.
When it comes to fictional villains, which do you find scarier: the intelligent, plotting villain or the mindless, animalistic beast? Does the thought of a modern intelligent mind going rogue scare you more than the idea of a monster with primordial violence and strength?

Poll incoming.
Mindless animalistic beast, because you don't know what he is going to do.
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To me, the heroes are evil. Always saving humanity, the bastards!
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I'm gonna have a really hard time if we're both cannibals and racists.

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I don't know. Depends. When I'm standing right in front of him? The animalistic one. But that's not a reasoned response (as I'm sure the smart villain guy can be just as dangerous in that situation), it's my own animalistic instincts taking over and the frontal lobe shutting down, basically. The animal dude is dangerous up close because that's what my gut tells me, though my brain says that the smart villain guy is probably just as bad.

If I was sitting on the other side of the world, I'd be more scared of the smart guy. Monsters aren't scary from a distance, but a dude with the brains and determination to wreck the whole planet sure is.
Fast headcrab dudes from HL2 > Hitler

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That guy from Saw was pretty goddamn spooky. But then again, he's intelligent and vicious.

I think I'll just leave all these nasty feckers alone.
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the scariest villains are the female ones, of course.
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Well if we meet in person i'd be more scared of the mindless beast, but otherwise the plotting evil one.
I'd be scared of the intelligent ones because they know what they're doing is wrong but they still do it, at least with the mindless ones there's a chance you can teach them not to attack/kill people or however they get off.
Evil humans, because torture is much more evil than just eating someone because you're a big hungry monster.
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Fast headcrab dudes from HL2 > Hitler


For sure, though it's the biggest anti-climax ever when you manage to get a shotgun blast off and it hits them in the face and they just drop, and you're just left wondering why the hell you were so scared.
intelligence implies that it can be reasoned with, deceived, and has all the other faults that come with being sentient. I have a better chance against that than against a salivating he-beast.
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Definitely primal beast. I've given it some though.

Unrelenting unreasonable monster that just wants to kill you.

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