Hope I'm posting this in the right section... I'm considering getting a Gretsch G5122 hollowbody and everyone seems to recommend swapping the stock pups for TV Jones Classics.

Does anyone have any experiences with this guitar and/or those pickups? I've swapped out the humbucker in my HSS strat, but the process with a hollowbody seems ridiculously complex, so I'd probably have somebody else install them.

I just returned an SG standard (great guitar) because I wasn't quite happy with the tone... sounded kind of flat to me. I'd want something with a "fuller" tone that can also provide some bite. I know this Gretsch is "made" for playing rockabilly and the like, but I would be using it for blues-rock. I really like the tones bands like The Black Keys and The Dead Weather have, if that helps at all.

Also, the TV Jones website seems to offer a variety of different humbuckers, yet everyone seems to stick with the Classics. Any experience with the other kinds?

I know this post is all over the place, but any help would be appreciated!

tl;dr Gretsch G5122 + TV Jones, yay or nay?
Alright, the answer to your question is, "Yes." Change away to TV Jones pickups. Tons and tons of Gretsch players do (including Brian Setzer). I have a 5120 and I like the sound so I did not swap to TV Jones. But I did enough research to know that the TV Jones Classics are a fantastic upgrade.

I would suggest you get someone to do it for you. I do know you need a mounting bracket to fit TV Jones into a 51 Gretsch model. The pickups are not direct drop ins. TV Jones site sells all parts in the kit needed to do a swap into a 51 model. They know many owners of these guitars do the swap so they have everything ready for you.