Well... I heard it, I liked it... and so I just wanted to give a quick try. Just recorded it.

As for quality: I don't have any recording devices, just put the guitar straight into the line in of the computer. And regarding the singing being too silent, I really can't sing at all but still wanted to include it somehow... haha ^^

I guess anybody who knows this and wants to listen to it, go ahead xD

~ Koyaanisqatsi ~
†h¥ ÅbØmInÅb£€ §Øu£§ §HÅ£† iN¢In€®Å†€ In h€ÅV€N, wHi£€ pÅnD€MØNiUm'§ VØ£i†iØn §HÅ£† g®ÅN† u§ PØW€®!