random question btw, are Ibanez acoustics any good at all? What are your favorite brands for acoustic btw?
Ibanez can be pretty nice, but for not disgustingly expensive prices, I recommend Seagulls.
i love my dean, i know there are many better sounding acoustics out there but its just so beautiful
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martin and taylor if you got money lol. i got a fender and am very satisfied.
I have an Ibanez Performance series, just a cheap $250 acoustic. It's average and exactly what you'd expect from an Ibanez in that price range. Tone is decent, better than most in its range, but its lacking on the lower frequencies. Intonation is off, but tolerable. I have dropped it and whacked it on stuff quite a few times and its only got one dent in the back, so it's pretty durable. Personally, I like Martin's the best, but I wish their necks were different. All the one's I've played felt weird, but sounded awesome.
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my favorite acoustic guitars? in no particular order:

martin 00-18 tim obrien
any goodall jumbo
blueridge br-341
gibson j-45
martin 00-28ECM
eastman AC822
gibson sj-200
guild GAD-30R
santa cruz 1929 00
taylor koa gc
ca cargo
blackbird rider

there are some more that are pushing the favorites list including a cole clark and an alvarez yairi.
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Alvarez yairi cy116

i also really like my cheap Eko ranger 6
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Martin HD-35 for when one is playing with just a guitar and vocals.
Martin OM–28 for fingerpicking.
Martin D-42 for an acoustic-driven band.
Taylor GA8 for a band with moderately to heavily overdriven electric guitars—cuts through the mix better than a Martin would.
I've got an Ovation from the Celebrity series, lovin' it. Never letting it go.
All or most Martin guitars are fantastic, if you have the cash.
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A great brand of guitars are Maton, they are an Australian brand and sound amazing. I would recommend a Maton to anyone but i have heard Cole Clark are pretty good as well.
Yeah cole clarks, for the price, shit on Matons. A cole clark FL1AC is the same price as a Maton EM225 and is soo much better sounding it's not funny. They are also 100% solid wood unlike alot of guitars in the price range. An FL1AC is $1200 Aus and has the same specs as a $2600 Maton.
If we're only including acoustics that are made new today by major brands and exist in an affordable price range for the average musician:

Best Travel Guitar: Recording King ROS-06
Best Cedar Top: Seagull Original S6
Best Acoustic Archtop: The Loar LH-600
Best Small Body: Recording King ROS-627
Best Overall: Martin SWOMGT

Some of these will come as a suprise to those of you tho think I'm typically opposed to brands like Martin in this price range. Well, let's just say this is the first guitar I've played from Martin made in the past 5 years that really "puts them back into the game." I highly recommend you play one sometime.
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