What do you guys think if hybrid guitars? Do you think they're worth buying, or should someone just stick to buying one acoustic and one electric guitar?

Would you say that a hybrid guitar is good if you wanted to combine the sounds of an acoustic and an electric?

For those who don't know what a hybrid is, it's basically a guitar that can play both acoustic and electric sounds, or a combination of both.

Here are a couple of pics of hybrids



I have heard the term "hybrid" applied to bicycles but not guitars.... Still, seems pretty appropriate for these.
Essentially, these are what we'd normally call a "semi hollow body" Looks like a humbucker pickup and standard electric-guitar controls. I don't know if there's a solid wood structural member for the pickups and electrics, or if it's a full hollow body.

I would think this would sound more "electric" and not particularly "acoustic". However, if you like the looks and like playing with a lot of electronics, they might well be a serviceable instrument.