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I am currently working on a new piece and need good advice.
It's for solo classical guitar and just a rough idea.
Care to tell me what you think of it?
I want to mix classical with a bit of jazz and bossa nova and some things outside of the box, but does it work for you?
I personally really like the soft theme starting at measure 17.
For the chords at measures 42and 43 i just wanted some weird chords to create dissonance.
After that part i suddenly return to the soft theme, wich has a nice effect imo.
Please share your opinion!
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up to 26 was very nice, the dissonant part at 27-29 was not my cup of tea. the transition to bar 30 did not work well, it is a nice part though. but it just changes from gloomy to poppy to suddenly. 34 was good, but that chord at 42 wasnt to well, 44 again was nice.
id say just work on the transitions.
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i liked it however in my opion it is not complete with out other instruments even if just a second guitar u cannot listen to just 1 instrument (well i cant) it is to bland maybe a bass instead/aswell as a guitar would be cool to