did you post this in several places?

but anyway the song is okay...
very common chord progression
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i think it's nice enough for a first song! yeah it's a common progression but it sounds nice, it's common for a reason. one thing to be careful of is to not speed up coming up to the last bit of a section, but that's not really specific to the song.

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I really dig what you're doing, because I've hardly ever heard someone doing a solo guitar arrangement that really emulates blues-style soloing over a walking progression. However, I think if you want it to really be memorable, you should probably come up with an original melody to center the song around, and then try to apply a bit of verse-chorus structure to the piece, so that it stays interesting the whole time. Then you can do the improv-sounding lines in between the repetitions of the main melody, which will make them sound like actual improvisation and not just arranged licks. Good stuff, though.
posted in 4 places.

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