Hi All,

After a far bit of time away from playing I have decided to open my guitar case and start playing again. However, over time I got rid of all my amps (though did keep my guitar and a few effect pedals - Keeley or Analogueman modded overdrive/distortions).

I live in an apartment so a tube amp might be too loud unless I considered a power attenuator with it.

So, back to solid state. I have kind being researching the following:
1. Vox Pathfinder 15R
2. Vox VT 20 or 40 modelling amp
3. Orange Crush Pix 35DLX
4. Tech21 Trademark 30

Apart from from some overdrive/distortion and compression I tend not to use a lot of effects. In an ideal world I love to have an amp that I can use at home and play live with. But I realise that these amps may not cut it live and if I do start playing gigs I may need to get another amp.

So, I was wondering what people think of the amps I have been looking at ? I play 60's to modern rock. Quite happy to spend up to $1000 USD for an amp
Peavey vypers aint bad
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Peavey vypers aint bad


TS, I would be considering a low-watt tube amp.

Seriously, 1-5 watt tube amps are pretty quiet, they can get loud, but will stay quiet

And if you don't mind stretching your budget that high for a practice amp, then you have plenty of possibilities.

Vox actually has a mini stack that switches from like 1-4 watts and has some good tones.

Jet city picovalve, Blackstar 1w or 5w, Blackheart I think is what it's called makes some decent amps, Vox nighttrain.

Can't go wrong.
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