A departure from my normal style:

the rays from Son shoot across the landscape
horizontally before they're gone.
for a few minutes the shadows
are as long as they'll be,
until morning.

mine will emerge from my front door
when i awake, follow me to my car;
i'll drive somewhere.
it's not where i saw myself driving
when this age, from that age,
seemed so far.

i go and the shadows change
there's dried, sticky soda on the console
i never bothered to wipe away.
and there's a pile of aprons in the back seat
dirty on both sides because i wear them
more than one day.

i ****ing hate it all, because i know
the stains and the caked, crusty food will stay;
maybe even so long
that they still won't be gone
at an age that now seems so far away.
We're only strays.
I am quite confused about the first line. Do you actually mean 'son' or is it just a typo. If you did mean 'son' then I think you need to extend the metaphor because the entire last stanza seem very 'confused' at the moment.

I didn't like how the firt line of the second stanza is followed by 'when I awake', mainly becaue you didn't state the significance of the emergence. I really didn't like the other four lines in the second stanza, either because of how vague they are. 'it's not where I saw myself driving', which place are you referring to? With respect to the last two line in that stanza, which 'age' are you specifically referring to?

Although you still didn't explain the last two stanzas with the third tanza, the stanza is much more to the point. "more than one day" I think 'I wear them more than once' would be better.

I really don't know how the last stanza relates to the three that followed it. You seem to be jumping through theme and metaphor without establishing them and as consequence the whole piece appears quite 'random' in constrution.

Overall, I think you can definitely on improve this.

Thank you for critiquing mine