Hey, guys I have a Peavy Vyper 75w and I was told that you can record directly on to a computer with it, like onto Audacity. Would anybody happen to know about this. If its true is that what the jack labeled "USB record out" is for? I would watch the instructional video but our computer wont play it.

Thanks in advance, Adam
Yes that's what the usb is for, never used it myself but I've heard it can be pretty unreliable.
Correct USB record out is for recording directly to a computer. It is not the best but it is extremely quick and easy. I would never use it to record a demo or anything but nothing beats it for recording quick things to send to friends.

Your computer should automatically recognize it when you plug it in.
Yes you can alternatively if its not working use reaper and see if it works
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There is a special usb that you can probably find atyour local radio shack, I believe it is a Usb 2.0. But yeah, it'll record straight to Audacity.