At first I was slightly skeptical, considering the arrangement, but it works really well. The beat fit it really nicely and your timbres were really realistic. I like the chillout, jazzy feel you've carried off.

The mix is nice, although for me it feels a bit narrow in the stereo field, may be just where I'm sitting tbh. The EQing is really good too. Really cool dude

for C4C, this https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1409603, or anything else on my soundcloud
hmm. cool. very trippy at the start there. makes youre mind wonder. almost floyd sounding. or alladin/middle east music. i like the rattlesnake sound/shaker. then drums kick in and pull it all together. not what i normaly listen to. but good no less. i like around 3 min when you take a step back, and make it more quiet again. great job!

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