lyrics to a song that I wrote for my new band. The song has a sort of folk rock feel to it. Let me know what you think, thanks!

and it's all new , empty as your locket
it dissoves you and these traditions both to dirt


these modern days have split my tongue
the last church bell has just been rung
do you think we can savage our own steps?
if not
I'll hang my head and sing my song
and pray that we can get along
but all of us are vacant once again

hurricanes and record stores
have never left my mind before
and soon enough i'll give them all to you

fickle thoughts and cautious noise
set us apart from most girls and boys
a wall was built to stand the test of time
i fell into the valley green
upon my eyes there fell a scene
i couldnt help but recollect again

we watched the sky as it cried
and saw the lily flowers die
i'd hope one day they'd rise up from the ash

footprints left and footprints right
can not lead the way at night
but the oldest tree is sure to light the way

everything just comes and goes
like troubled thoughts and money woes
who else could be so blind to see?

money cannot matter much
especially when there's not enough
but i know i wouldnt change it for a thing

and best friends turn to dead friends
while new friends turn to old friends
at least i know i'll always have myself

you said that was not the case
with a grimace on your face
after that it was all down hill from there
and to live for more your must live for less
never give below you best
and maybe you can set our course for home