Inspired by the AP Exams thread. Searched, found last year's, probably not a good idea to bump it.

So, fellow IB kids, exams are approaching and feces are about to collide with the proverbial fan.

Personally, I can't wait for this to be over so I can move on to better things. This year I will be taking exams for only 4 subjects (Mathematics HL, Physics HL, HIstory HL and Italian A1 SL) since I took the other 2 subjects last year.

Share tips on studying (former IB kids welcome!) and anything even remotely related to the end of your high school suffering!

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I know people doing the International Baccalaureate. Didn't know people in other countries did it too
I had a feeling this thread would pop up soon.

I'm taking exams in HL Physics, HL Spanish, HL History and HL English.
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I'm going to take the exams for Physics, Maths, Computer Science (all HL) and Economics, Spanish A2, English A1 all SL. Honestly, I can't wait to get these over with but it annoys me that since almost everyone in my school is planning to go the U.S. they don't really care about results while I have to study my ass off to get good results to go to the UK.
Maths, Physics, Chem HL, English, French and History SL. I need 40 points and 776 at HL to get my oxford offer... it's going to be mental :P
Math, chem, and spainish, all SL this year. I haven't studied much, but should get a 4 on math and 5 on spainish and chem.