Hey guys!

I've been playing the guitar for 3 years. I like music like, heavy metal, especially The New Wave of American Heavy Metal, metalcore, thrash metal (Slayer and stuff), black metal, speed metal and others.

So kinda heavy.

But lately I've been playing this wonderful jazz/blues/light oldschool rock music, and the feeling is great really.

So I've got like 1100$ for a new guitar and this dillema

Schecter Loomis 7 vs Fender American Stratocaster

Sounds totally silly eh Diffrent worlds. I love the Loomis7, its an awesome axe but this Fenderish clean/crunch tone is a real killer. What do you say guys? Is it worth risking and picking the Stratocaster after 3 years of doing >heavy< metal?

ow btw, now I play on a cheap ibanez GRX70, wich is pretty good for metal to be honest, but doesn't really have that Strato's smooth "feeling", at all.

I understand this might be a weird conception/question, but any kind of answer would be appriciated, and please forgive me my poor english, its not my native language.
Try playing opposite styles on both and see which one you like better. The Schecter is korean if I'm not mistaken and the Fender is American so the craftsmanship is a bit different. I like that the Loomis has 7 strings and you wont be able to have that on the fender so try both out if you can and whichever one you like more get. If anything you can return it.
for that budget, get BOTH!! look at cheaper 7 strings (ibanez, ltd, schecter) and a mexican strat.
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If you really love the Strat sound for what you're doing I'd say go for it since you already have a guitar for metal stuff, but consider that seven strings can be useful for that style as well. It opens up a few chord voicings and you can even play a bass line under whatever else you're doing if you're so inclined. EMGs might be a tad hot for that style but you can always swap out the pickups, you can't add an additional string to a Strat!
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Get the strat and start saving up for the loomis 7 string.

Even if you end up hating the strat for some weird reason you can always sell it easily for a pretty decent 2nd hand value. If you end up hating the loomis guitar, it wont be as easy to sell imo..

I don't really think you'd ever end up hating a strat though, they're great guitars - just not great for metal imo. - That said, I did fit a tonezone single coil sized humbucker in the bridge of mine, and that's pretty useful for metal while retaining all the bluesy juicyness with the neck+middle single coils.
Dude get the Loomis I just got it and it is awesome!

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