I have been thinking for a while and been wondering what does everyone think the best bass is. Post you opinions.
I have recently bought a fender precision mexican standard bass and would probally think that was the best i have ever played
Fender standard basses are great for the money. i recommend you visit a guitar shop and try out some higher end basses such as the american made fender basses and brands such as music man. i personally love rickenbacker 4003's and the music man stingray 5.
The toilet bass.

In all seriousness, Warwicks are amazing basses. They look and feel great to play, and the growl hasn't been matched by any other bass yet.

I plan on buying one ASAP.
Yeah the American ones sound amazing and I have played a Warwick and they were very good also but cost a load to ship and I'm only young so i dont get much money