Hello guys,

Today I shielded my guitar and made some wiring mods.
I put in this switch:http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Electronics,_pickups/Components:_Switches_and_knobs/Megaswitches/Megaswitch_E-Model.html?tab=Instructions#details . I also used the schematic which they give. I have a HSS (1 tone1 volume) guitar but I wired like the SSS so the humbucker won't split. I also used the volume push pull to make kill switch http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r144/4444james4444/willkill.jpg
and the tone push pull to coil tap the humbucker http://www.guitar-mod.com/wiring/coil_tap.gif

The problem is that the guitar makes sounds but it's very noisy and all the positions sound the same. Also the coil tap and the kill switch don't work. I wired all the ground wires together and then connected them to the shielding system.

How can I fix it and how can I find the problems.
it sounds like there's a grounding problem. Is the bridge grounded correctly?

Can you post a picture of the kill switch and coiltap you wired?

Did you ground the ground lug of the killswitch (Bottom left, I think?) to the other grounds? (or the casing of the pot if it's a push pull?) Is the killswitch the last thing the hot wire and the ground goes into, before the output jack?
okay i'll recheck the kill switch. What about the other staff?
Judging from your diagram, I can't see anything wrong with how you wired it.

Try and see if you can yank and mounds of solder off the backs of the pots, if there's a bad ground somewhere, it can usually lie there (and everything will "appear" normal) If you can pull them off, then they need to be resoldered.

If you can find a multimeter, you can check continuity of your wires. I'm sure there must be a ground somewhere not making a solid connection. You can also check continuity for the connections on your push pulls.
okay i'll check this things tomorrow. i found 2 bad connections so far (they are sober but still pretty bad)
if you're still fairly new to soldering...

Remember, each connection you solder, try not to wiggle the wire as you solder it. Try and hold it still for at least 3 seconds.

If you wiggle while you solder, you can solder joints which LOOK alright, won't fall off, but won't conduct a current. A good solder joint will be shiny, not dull, and shouldn't come loose with wiggling the wire (or even a violent tug!)

And try not to use globs and globs of solder. Using a little bit, like how solder joints look from the factory, make far better connections

Really check the solder joints on the connectors on the push pulls really well. They're notorious for "looking OK" but not making a proper connection
I'm not new to soldering, I already built some stompboxes but soldering to the pot is a big problem and I got pretty big bulbs over there.
Okay I fixed the problem. I needed to connect the ground from the jack to all the other grounds. I forgot that the jack was made from plastic. Now it's okay.

I still have some question. I stiil don't notice many difference between the pickups. Also then I do the coil spliting the bridge sounds much more hot and with higher volume. Why is that? It should be the opposite?
are you playing with distortion? I find I can't notice a difference with toil taps when playing with distortions. The difference is far noticable when playing clean or with a little bit of overdrive

Also, I find with certain sets of poles I notice more difference than others. I notice a big single-coil sound from the outer poles of the bridge, but not so much from the inner coils of the bridge or the outer coils of the neck
okay I wired it that it would be a humbucker while up and single while down. I'm stupid. Also after I raised the singles I started to notice difference. Oh and never used kill switch with a push pull it's terrible.