Apologies if it's a stupid question, but figured I'd ask.

I'm going to grab a PodStudio UX1, but what I'd like to know is if it's possible to put the output back to the amp, instead of via speakers/headphones? So guitar->interface->laptop->interface->amp. Is this even possible?

I'm guessing the signal will be muchhh stronger, so will it blow/overload the amp?

It's an Orange Crush 30R, so it's not a crime against humanity, but it's all I've got aha.

Thanks, and apologies!
if your amp has some kind of mp3 input of sorts I don't see why not. I don't know if it will sound good though.
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Yup, it's perfectly possible, it would be a complicated set up, but it would just be like your computer acting like an effects processor. You would have to buy a 1/8 in male to 1/4 in female that would fit the headphone out on your interface.

I've been wanting to try this for some time, but I lack another adapter piece to do it.
looks like it has stereo 1/4 outputs on the back from photo, should just be able to use a normal cable? :X
You guys are great - thanks! Will I need to make sure the output from the UX1 is set really low?

The amp doesn't have an MP3/Aux input, so it'll go back through the preamp as well as the power amp? I'd like to do it so I can use some of the effects of Pod Farm and other VSTs, but I'd still like to play though an amp every now and then. I know the amp'll colour the tone, but just using the pedal effects would be cool.

I think it's 1/4" on the back too, aye! The headphone output may be 1/4" too. I've just bought it, I'm now stoked