I'm fixing to buy a new pedal setup, not tht I ever had an old one! And would like to ask your opinion on THESE pedals or a comprable one (with in $20).

EHX Memory Toy delay $99.97
MXR M-135 Smart gate $119.95
Rocktron Blac Cat Moan Wah $119
EHX Nano Small Stone Phase Shfter $78
Dunlop Power Brick $119.95
Ibanez TS9 $99

I will be building a pedal board for them. All I have ever used are multi FX (GNX-3, GT-8, POD 2.0) I play Live alot, but have always been a minimalist. I am playing a little diffrent style, Porgressive Metal(ASG meets Ignite) My rig is now a PRS CE22,G-400 w/ SH-4, Bugera 333/L6 SVHD100, Krank Rev 4x12. I am married with kids and don't have an assload of cash to throw away, so thats why I'm asking you good people.
Id x out the rocktron wah its overpriced for what it is.
The dc brick is garbage, get a bbe supa charga or voodoo labs pedal power.
And id go for an isp decimator over the smart gate.
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Agreed on the wah. A stock Cry Baby would do you fine. As for the noise gate, I personally like the Boss NS-2 and I think it's like 80-90 bucks
Yeah I was just looking at the rocktron for the features. I heard the NS-2 colors your sound and cuts off your notes. I have heard good things about the Decimator tho.
I would get a MXR Phase 90 over the EHX Nano SS
also would get a crybaby or Morley wah instead of the rocktron
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