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In the opinion of The Pit, what are the best video game, television and movie soundtracks ever made? I ask this because I broke the 10,000 song and 30 total runtime iTunes barriers today, in the best way I could think of.

The Metroid Prime soundtracks have always been some of my favourite pieces of music ever. Sometimes I'll be listening to a song, like the outro to Empire Ants by Gorrilaz, and I'll think to myself, "That sounds like Metroid music!" I just love it, there are loads of my favourite pieces of music on it, from one of my favourite games of all time.

Discuss my choice, what you would choose as the best soundtrack ever made, what makes an awesome soundtrack, etc.
I really like the new tron film's soundtrack quite alot, as well as the one for crysis 2.
Weird, im listening to a bunch of John Williams soundtracks right now. Star Wars is up there, so is Jurassic Park. The best one though is the one from that Justin Bieber movie.
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Oldboy has one of my all time favorite soundtracks ever.
Cowboy Bebop
Metal Gear Solid (All of them)
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The soundtrack to Up is fantastic.
Hull City A.F.C

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All Final Fantasys have really good soundtracks.
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The first Shrek film.
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My favorite game soundtrack has to be Goldeneye for N64. So much guitar and strings, perfect for driving you to figure out the damn floor pattern to unlock the golden gun.

Movies: LOTR hands down. I love the chilling music playing when the orcs march into battle.
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But you failed to mention the greatest track of them all:

Emil Karma.

Also, any soundtrack done by Nobuo Uematsu.
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Final Fantasy 6 - Dancing Mad
Final Fantasy 7 - One Winged Angel

two of the finest pieces of music i've ever heard.
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I buy the ones I really like. In fact, I have an order coming in from Amazon for about a dozen CDs right now.
Gladiator. I post this in every soundtrack thread It really is awesome though.
Jurassic Park
Pulp Fiction

Scrubs had a pretty sweet soundtrack, with all the guest songs featured on it.

As for games...I always liked the music off Halo.
Then there was the Tony Hawk and Need for Speed games, which attributed to somewhere near a third of my current music taste.
I am going to go with Hamster up there. NieR has the most gorgeous score of any game I have ever played. Through some parts of the game, I ONLY played it to hear the soundtrack.
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I buy the ones I really like. In fact, I have an order coming in from Amazon for about a dozen CDs right now.

I was only joking mate
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F-zero's got some cool songs
And Mass Effect, Golden Sun, and Star Wars
Turn a Gundam

Hell yeah, Mass Effect. How sick is it that Clint Mansell is doing the soundtrack for Mass Effect 3?
Donnie Darko (Michael Andrews): Very creepy and has some really interesting noises in there.
Ocarina of Time (Koji Kondo): Of course everyone knows this one, pretty self explanatory, some great stuff on there.
Super Mario Sunshine (Koji Kondo): I've always loved this one, has a really happy beach tone to it.
Super Mario Galaxy (Koji Kondo): Very adventurous.
30 Rock (Jeff Richmond): Great soundtrack, really jazzy and just kind of good background music.
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (Crush 40): Probably the most rocking soundtrack there is. Crush 40 made some amazing songs for this game.
How To Train Your Dragon (John Powell): I love this soundtrack. Extremely adventurous and has a lot of emotion in it. It's some great work.

Other ones worth mentioning: Mirrors Edge, Final Fantasy Advent Children, Friday Night Lights (Essentially just another EITS album), Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice and of course all the Harry Potter film scores I've loved.

There's a lot more I just can't think of any at the moment. I'm a huge soundtrack fan.
The Lord of the Rings, and TES3: Morrowind. Age of [...] ones are also pretty cool.

How much of this do you guys think is linked to our experience of the works they soundtracked? Like, if you played the soundtrack to someone who hadn't seen/played what it came from, would they like it as much?
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FACT: Requiem for a Dream has the greatest soundtrack ever. FACT.

I ****ing concur!!!
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^shit, how did I forget about the Friday Night Lights soundtrack? Probably the only reason I watched that movie was to hear the soundtrack.
****ing yes. Explosions in the Sky = awesome.
The Mother (Earthbound) series has an incredible soundtrack. Mother 3's being the best.
Donkey Kong Country (Snes)
Tony Hawks 2
GTA: Vice City

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500 Days of Summer and Submarine.
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Hell yeah, Mass Effect. How sick is it that Clint Mansell is doing the soundtrack for Mass Effect 3?

Can he make the Mass Effect theme any more epic than what it already is?
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