Hey guys I wanted your advice on whether I should buy an amp i found...

At the moment, I'm looking for a 30-50 watt tube amp, I play hard-rock, blues and funk. both cleans and a good overdrive are important. I need something that can hold its own in a band practice/small gig situation. I guess some sounds I want to go for are Zeppelin, Gnr, Ac/dc RHCP... my current guitar is a schecter c-1 plus. I'm not really looking to spend more that $300 or $400 (american$)

so I found a guy who is selling a used B-52 At-112 for $200. I know its 60 watts(over what I was planning), that's fine with me. He says he's had it for a year, and he had the tubes recently changed (I forget when he said exactly, within the past few months I believe). I was wondering what you guys thought of this amp. I'm definitly going to try it out before I buy, but I'm wondering what anyone who has owned/played through this amp themselves though of it. I don't really know anything about it, although I'm going to do a lot of online research now

yea im pretty sure im gonna do it

the only hitch is that he doesn't have the footswitch...is there some sort of generic footswitch I can buy that will work with this amp?

edit: i currently have a 2 channel fender footswitch which goes with the superchamp xd...will that work? I won't be able to try it out for myself, since the fender footswitch is at home, and im off at college...
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I have the 100 watt head version and the amp kills for the price.

You can probably purchase the footswitch off the internet.

You're gonna want a four button footswitch. As it's a three channel amp and also has a reverb function.
I'm pretty sure you can buy them from B-52 separately.
I remember liking the amp, the od may be a bit too much for those genres, but it's not as compressed and modern sounding as say a recto so it should do fine.