Just a quick track I made for the techniques part of my profile, but I thought it sounded so good that I wanted to get some other people's opinion on the tone. The only thing I did different to this track as compared to what I normally do is I blended a high passed distorted bass in with my regular clean bass guitar.

Tell me what ya'll think.

I previewed some of your other stuff too and the tone is pretty awesome man. What do you use to record?
Thanks for critting my chorus thinger!

I think the bass and the guitar sound really killer! The bass picks up right where the guitars left off, frequency wise, and they blend really well. I'd probably punch in pinches with higher gain because those sound a bit weak. But side that, really great tone!
No problem. I was thinking the same thing, but if I use any more gain than I already am things start to get a little bit frizzy. I think I was just a little bit sloppy when it came to the pinch harmonics, cause they sounded great as I was practicing the song.