Hey, guys. I was noodling around on the acoustic today and came up with a chord progression I really liked and decided to throw some other instruments on it. Ended up sounding like an epic outro chorus type thing, I think. I tried to make it sound a huge as possible. Gonna trying and expand the hook into a full song at some point, but for now I'd love some feed back on what I've got. This is my first time incorporating acoustic guitars into my mixes.

First track on my profile: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Odirunn/

Production info:
-Double tracked acoustic guitar
-Double tracked rhythm guitar and one single lead/ambiance track (POD Farm)
-Bass DI ran through TSE B.O.D.
-Superior Drummer with kick and snare blended

Thanks for listening! Will C4C like always.
The acoustic guitar sounds more like those crappy children guitars. Either your strumming too hard, or your not micing it right. Or it's just loose strings cause it sounds like your in Drop C or something.

Other than that, it sounds pretty epic, really heavy, and thick.

Crit mine?
It's not a children's guitar, but it's a crappy $99 Sam Ash store brand or some such I picked up a few years ago. The acoustic was in E standard, it's just got really heavy string and I pick/strum pretty hard so it's probably a combination of those first two things. I was trying to capture more the feel of having an acoustic in the mix more so than have it be focal point, if that makes sense. I wanted all the clicks, clacks, buzzes etc.

Commented on yours!
its pretty catchy, the levels sound nice and even but over here it sounded like it needed some eq cleaning in the low/low-mid end, or maybe not i guess it depends what you were going for. it seems like the kicks should've punched a little more and the bass should've been bassier and a bit more present tonally, thats just my 2 cents.