I love recording lofi songs, but 85% of the stuff I choose not to record is because I can't make it sound like how it should be sounding I.E. It sounds fuzzy and you can't tell what note or chord I'm playing. I've seen a whole bunch of these things that people use to directly plug into their computer to make what they play into it sound exactly as it sounds when it comes out of the amp.

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of obtaining one of these gadgets, or parts that may help make my music a bit cleaner when it's recorded. Thanks in advance!
Fair enough.
You are looking for an audio interface: a hardware that connects your guitar/mic to your computer for a clean signal. If you want, you can either list your budget / what you hope to accomplish with the gear (ie. recording just for fun or planning on releasing a CD?) or just check out some of the other threads located in this sub-forum about interface purchasing advice.
the audio interface or "gadget" wont make your guitar sound exactly like your amp sounds.. you would need a properly placed microphone in front of it that records the sound and sends it into the computer through the audio interface.. the cheapest , most flexible and quite professional work around is.. get a good audio interface and get software like gutiar rig 4 that emulates most of the major amps and pedals out there
check out guitar rig kontrol 3 , really worth the money

Have fun
As of right now, my music is really really lo-fi... And I can make the electric guitar sound fine cause I have a nice Dynamic Mic, but in particular I need it for my bass guitar. Sometimes equalization is a little bit hard to figure out perfectly, so I'd just want to do it that way. If you listen to what I write now, it's not TOO bad for the whole recording bits. Just fuzzy and a little awkward at times. I was hoping to get rid of that lol
Fair enough.