These are great but I don't need all the features, I'm downsizing to a delay and a chorus.

I would prefer cash because it's my girlfriend's birthday next week...but will consider trades also.

Trades: Analog delays, reverb, muff-type fuzzes, Voodoo labs PP2+

Photos here:


Line 6 DL4 - $160 shipped/PP'd.

100% working. No velcro. Has 3 small paint chips, all visible in the photo (left of "A" switch, above "C" switch, and below tap tempo on the edge.)

Line 6 MM4 - $130 shipped/PP'd.

100% working, a bit scratched. (should be able to see all of it in the photos) Has velco on bottom.

I also have two converters so you can power off standard boss-type adapters (line 6 says not to but I've never had an issue and checked lots of forums, I'm definitely not the only one who gets away with it). I'd be happy to throw one in for free if you want it.

Thanks for looking!!!