Poll: Jackson Ke3 Kelly or Ibanez DTT700
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Jackson Ke3 Kelly
13 81%
Ibanez DTT700
3 19%
Voters: 16.
The Jackson Ke3 Kelly and the Ibanez DTT700 are both two guitars im looking at to buy. but i cant quite decide, this is where you guys come in,

which guitar should i buy?
which guitar is better and what not?

comment please
Haha good taste. I have a Jackson RR3, the rhoads equivalent to that kelly and it's done me well. Decent floyd, not the best, I don't like the movement or the fact the bar swings around though. Good Seymour Duncan pickups, bolt-on neck. And it looks really cool.

The destroyer however is equally cool looking, the reason I'm building one. You'll have to decide whether you want a floyd or hard tail because this one is a hard tail. Set neck too, and DiMarzios.

Pretty equal guitars, comes down to what specs suit your playing better and ultimately how they feel in your hands.
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dont ask people here, go and play them. you can honestly sit here and have people debate a topic like this forever. i have a jackson RR as well, and i love it. i personally dont like ibanez and i probably never will. im sure there are plenty of people out there just like me, and an equal number of people who love ibanez's and dont like jacksons. honestly theyre both good guitars, but like iceman said, it comes down to what you want in a guitar, if you want/need a FR, go for the jackson, if thats not a big deal to you, then try your best to play each of them and then you decide which is best for you. dont leave it up to a forum of people who have differing opinions.
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btw, i play fast thrash metal stuff, metallica, megadeth etc.

im leaning towards the jackson, as the FR is something i've never had before.

and they both look great, couldnt agree more
Neither of them though I'd take the Jackson just because it's a RRV.
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I love my KE3.

Jackson all the way!
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i'd rather have teh jackson because it's japanese, but if you can stretch the ke5fr is probably a better idea (as long as it's not too much more... if it is the US-made one would be within reach)
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