Who here is planning to go to Mayhem? i hope to, my bro has tickets. Can/Do you want to go? Whos your favorite on the line-up? etc

soadamy <3

I saw it on the internet [Pit], so it must be true!

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Im really hoping i can get enough cash for tickets, but Im flat broke right now because i just bought my three day passes for Lollapalooza. I really want to see All Shall Perish and Machine Head, but Im pissed that Trivium is being replaced by Hatebreed for the Chicago stop on the tour.
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No matter what you like, you will like Meshuggah.

Megadeth, Machinehead, Unearth. I'm going.
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I've also noticed that as i've got older, I want to be further and further away from the front at a gig. Damn kids with their mushy pits and walls of doom.
Lawl Thought you meant the invisible sandwhich praising black metal band mayhem.
Either way, nope, not going.
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you meant the invisible sandwhich praising black metal band mayhem.
That's Immortal.

If you're going to make a stupid joke, at least get it right.
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Metal's gay.

Not as gay as the Mayhem fest.
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