blank page
descriptions make me angry
i know what you're looking at
even this
is a picture of life
how are you going to get around it

my life seems like it could be
so much better
i have people walking on my ceiling
the world is running out of places
to put all the people
and i'm surrounded

and alone
they say everyone dies alone
you can't take it with you
and i have no one here
not sure i'm going anywhere
just decomposing

someday i may become food for tree.
but for now
i'm hungry for pineapples
wish i was at a nice warm beach
with a pina colada
just on the edge of dozing

so i'm gonna hit the bong
wish i could get along
with a world i can't stand
wishin i had sand
beneath my toes
and an unbroken nose

but the oceans are dead
and everyone's bled
and nobody gives a shit
about how anyone else was hit
and you get tired of hearing "you knows"
but that's just how it goes
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