Never posted in this forum before, but I figure I'm just drunk enough to give it a whirl. I've marked parts I think should be screamed, and which should be sung, but it's more or less a WIP and I may change that around.

Heaven-bound has been found
to be a misnomer
When you're treading proud on the mushroom cloud
of your self-immolation
Pity to kindle the fire, so you can arise a broken phoenix
Fear is replaced by courage imitation
A conductor of tragedies on this hollowpoint bullet train
A crash course for that felled phoenix;
You always were a master of getting in your own way

You'd rather be a tragedy than a recovery
(Because) recoveries don't get to brag about their scars
They only move on and try to be well adjusted
So predictable, you can always be trusted
To play up your delusions of inelegance
Perchance to dream a droning trance

For in that trance of inertia and lack of motivation
You fancy yourself solitary in the world's most populated ocean
Convinced no fish would have your hook line and sinker
Maybe a more sincere gretting would help you brave these waves
So wave goodbye and fly high on that self-crippled wing
You know you can't outshine the sun
So you'll try to beat the eternal stars to a burnout