Good day everyone!
I was wondering if anyone knows of any good and affordable MIDI guitar controllers on the market. I want to be able to capture my notes into Guitar Pro 6.0 so I can write down my arrangements quickly. I hate inputting all the notes by hand using the number pad.

I've done some research online and came up with the following; they all claim to work with Guitar Pro 6.0 and Garageband.

The YouRock Guitar by Inspired Instruments (around $200)
Fender's Rock Band 3 Stratocaster (around $400)
Yamaha's EZ-AG and EZ-Eg (around $300)
A+ MIDI Guitar Controller App for the iPhone & iPod Touch by WKode (Around $10)

Does anyone have any of the above? If so, what are your experiences with them? Are they worth buying?

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
i have fenders rock band 3 strat and it works, quite well with native instruments kontakt, but it just does not feel like a guitar at all. not sure about others, but i cant imagine a midi guitar feeling anything like a real one.

honestly when writing music i find it better to record my playing for reference.
Do you have the one with real strings or the one with buttons? I heard the latest one was supposed to be a real guitar besides having MIDI output.
oh wait i have the one with buttons. didn't know they did one with real strings.

edit: and i just realized its based of a mustang.
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yeah it just came out recently. It's supposed to be like a real Fender Squier. I wonder how responsive it is because it has to convert analog sounds into MIDI before sending the notes out.

If anyone has one, please post your experience with it. Thanks.

By the way, I found this tutorial on youtube. It looks pretty useful.