So today I was practicing with my band, and afterwords I started looking around the practice place. I found an old Tama Rockstar kit with some hardware missing and whatnot, and started asking around to see if anyone wanted it. They gave it to me for free, and when I got home I found out that the snare was actually a Ludwig snare.
After looking it up, I think it is a Supra-phonic 400 serial number 486860. According to the website, this thing is from 1967, which is going on ebay for like $300-400!
WTF did I get?
Free drum kit = Win either way

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Either way i think that is a pretty decent job for free. Keep it.

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I'm with everybody else, free gear is a great deal, all the time.
Not taking any online orders.

Not the one I found but the same thing, mine has no heads and is missing some of the screws. I found a stamp on the inside that says "xx 27 1967" the month was rubbed away somehow.
Still, with some polish it looks like it'll be in perfect condition, no pitting whatsoever
Also, the snare strings are broken, one side is held on with a shoelace
Is there a way to get a replacement?