So I want to get my first 7 string. It won't be for gigging, just for fooling around.
I don't want to spend a crazy amount of money being that I spend enough money on the stuff i actually use with my band, so what are some ok brands of somewhat inexpensive 7 strings.
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An Ibanez RG7321 or RGA7 would be good if you like the ibanez neck profile. The RG7321FM if you don't like plain black :P
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You can track down a used Schecter 7 string. I got mine for $150. Im not a huge fan off it, but thats because i cant stand the neck. It could be a different story for anyone else though.
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I've found Agiles to be great instruments for the price though I'd recommend swap pups and electronics.
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Like the first reply said track down a used Ibby RG76XX. Still some if the best sevens ever built IMO and they can be had fairly cheap.
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used ibanez RG7's (any of them will do). well built and very comfortable to play. even though you'll only be goofing off, its still worth it to get a decent instrument so you can really assess whether you like it or not

other than that, schecter, ltd and agile all make decent 7's for reasonable prices (me likes the new LTD-1000's with FR trems...)
From your sig, you seem to enjoy schecters, why not get a schecter 7 string?
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Track down a used MIJ ibanez rg7621/7421
can usually be had for pretty cheap.


I cannot stress enough, a MIJ RG + pickup swap =
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If you like Schecters you can get them used for cheap. I got a used 7 string by them for 150. It was a mid range instruiment but a bargin for the price. I would say you could get a new one for about 500 to 700 (I don't know if they still make 300 7s). Since you didn't list your full budget I'd say that would do you good.
hmm if you really want something that is bang for your buck get Schecter Jeff Loomis sig guitar just like I did!! There is a satisfaction guarantee

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