Ok, so What's the best bass for under $120? (I know Im not going to get a GREAT bass for less then $120, but maybe just a good playable one, I'm a guitarist, just looking into getting a bass for fun).
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Go to your local music store and check if they have anything used. You might be able to get a $300+ bass in decent condition if you buy used.

Another suggestion is if this is your first bass and you don't have an amp, get a slightly cheaper amp and pool more money in to the bass, there are alot of choices for a $170-$200 budget.
I see decent Ibanez basses at pawn shops for $100 or less quite a bit. Most recently I bought an Ibanez RD-300 bass with gig bag and strap as a gift for a friend. OTD price was $100 exactly.
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A squire affinity maybe?

New? No. They're 200 bucks new.

I would say, either go used, or grab a SX from rondo.

Check guitar centers used section.
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