How do you guys go about practicing your tapping?

I've been practicing lately by doing scale runs, ridiculously slowly, with my right hand. And trying some extended chords with the assistance of my right hand. I have yet to figure out exactly how to incorporate both at the same time, so I've been hunting down some songs or exercises to do so.

So, the premise behind this is picking (or not lolol) the minds of the more advanced players, and maybe securing a few tips myself too .

So, songs you guys use, particular exercises if you feel like sharing, all that fun stuff?

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I transpose some Legend of Zelda music to be able to play it with two-handed tapping. Zelda's Lullaby is a good one I reckon...

That's all I do, really: transpose video game music to play bass/chords and melody simultaneously. Other than that, I play a simple chord progression with my fretting hand and try to play a melody over it, or play a bass line and tap simple dyads and triads. The hardest part is developing hand independence, which I think those exercises help with.
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That's all I do, really: transpose video game music to play bass/chords and melody simultaneously.

Old 8/16 bit-era game music is perfect for this because of the very limited nature of the tunes, try transcribing some of that stuff. Other than that, listen to as much Stanley Jordan as you can get your hands on.
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Get a copy of Creative Guitar Volume 2 by Guthrie Govan.

Has an amazing section on eight finger tapping.

Before getting all tangled up in Stanley Jordan's works (in the aforementioned comment), try some simple technical exercises such as chromatic runs and some simple Diminished patterns.
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I still suck at 8 finger tapping, but what I did when I first started, was just playing guitar left handed to gain some basic finger strength and co-ordination. Then I did chromatic, multi-string runs with my left and right hand. Im a little bit past that now and am actually at the point where I can do a legato run with my left hand, then finish it off with something highup with my right hand. Im still new to it though.
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Right hand Chromatics are good practice, along with major and minor scale tapping. Right hand interval tapping, such as tapping a fifth with your left hand in the shape of a powerchord, and then doing the same shaping up a fifth with your right is good practice. Like this.


You can do this with any interval, and any combination of intervals, such as a Major 3rd left hand into a minor 3rd up a fourth. Anything, really.

You could also complete arpeggios with your right hand, or play entire chord shapes with you right. If you do this, make sure you know what chords your playing and what their names are.

Good luck with tapping.