I've been in two bands before but neither have worked out, mostly due to differing musical tastes. Unfortunately I live in a "scene" oriented area and the music i like is outside of what the general populace here listens to. so I was just wondering how I could go about finding other musicians who are interested in the same things i am.
Online classifieds.
Ads in local music stores, 'zines, whatever.
Ask people you know if they know anybody who may be interested.
Local shows. If you live in a very scene-orienated area, chances are there will be one show where all the misfits from the local scene will go to where the music being played is not the typical sound of the area.
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post a(i)ds in the papers.

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if youre still in school, witch I presume. Talk to the kids, it is impossible that you are the only guy who likes that genre (or maybe not if it is 70s synth pop if thats a genre). Try to ask friends from other schools that may know people.
thank you shall try all of these suggestions although i don't know of any "zines" we have :P
Craigslist. No joke. Go into the classifies there, I've come in contact with some pretty cool musicians over there.
If you're still in school or college, hang around band kids or maybe strike up a conversation with that loner kid that plays his guitar behind the cafeteria at lunch, you might be surprised.
Another thing is hang around your local music store get to know the people there and well, just overall be social with music people. You'll find someone. Don't wait though, just because you're not in a band doesn't mean you can't start writing songs (If you haven't already), get a head start. When a band comes around you'll be ready.