Cave Moth is a Daytona beach metal band and we're trying to get some attention
if you like Dillinger, embrace the end, or animosity you may enjoy us
we dropped an ep a few months ago and the you tube is a rough sneak at the full length we have half done and i would just really appreciate feedback



The first thing that jumped out at me was how ****ing gorgeous your album art is. Then I listen to the untitled track, which was incredibly obnoxious. I think you were going for an ominous vibe, but it was just annoying. The rest of the songs were good though. They had a nicely coherent incoherence, if that makes any sense, and a strange sense of melody. I liked it, I think, but either way you are doing a good job.
I really like! It didn't annoy me like a lot of grindcore does. It's really well put together with great production. Keep it up guys!
thanks for listening!
yeah untitled was just a "oo look we sweep" song
and thanks for saying we don't annoy you
production-wise we just went to the "Sent by Ravens" bass player and he recorded us in ableton and used a line 6 pod emulator program for guitar. the drums are all stupid beat craft and honestly the blast beats annoy me, but with that out there, we are looking for a new drummer. i can get you just the guitar tracks if you're interested in trying out.