I recently came across a 1988 Fender Stratocaster and I shortly before that bought a Fender Super Sonic. Since I hadn't done a review for either I wanted to do it and share. Here is goes

Lets start with the stratocaster.

Its Black
Made in Japan
Rosewood Fretboard
Very plain Jane

But! The next feels erotic. It woo's you into wanting to keep playing. I hate black stratocasters, its probably the most mass produced color for any stratocaster guitar. But the feel and the tone let you know its not just any old strat.

The Amp.

The Fender Super Sonic has a love or hate following going on. For what I play (blues/rock) its all the amp I could ask for. The controls are simple. For the Clean Channel you have a bass and a treble control that make a very large impact on the sound. The clean channel has two settings, Vibrolux and Bassman. Both Channels are controlled by the same bass/treb controls so finding a happy medium is pretty easy though if set wrong, changing channels can seem to be switching between amazing and crap. I like my bass treb both between 5-7 on the cleans which gives it a nice warm sound between both channels. The voicing options turn into more distinct voices with a Tubescreamer thrown in front of them.

The BURN channel.

2 Gains
Bass, Mid, Treble controls.

The distortion channel isnt just another channel its a monster. Wind up both the gains, cut the mids and set the bass and treble a little over 7 and with out a distortion pedal you start hitting Metal levels of gain and screaming harmonics are not a problem.

Leaving the gains up, crank the treble and cut mids and bass, suddenly a lofi fuzz begins to come out the amp, while i find the tone unusable for me it does sound great.

Leave the gains maxed, crank the mids and bass, cut the treble, and BAM! Carlos Santana style sustain and an amazing thick tone. Soloing on this setting is tasty.

My favorite setting though can be seen in the Demo video I shot for this thread

1st gain around 3
2nd gain around 8-9
bass 4
Mids 4
Treble 6-8

This puts you into blues heaven... then add the tubescreamer and voila SRV style screaming guitar.

I used an excellent backing track from steviesnacks.com for this demo. Please don't mind the shitty editing and playing

what this thread really needs to get going is pictures
it sounds lovely but people really want those pictures on here i guess xD
Man, you gotta CRANK THAT SUPER SONIC! I want to hear some SRV style thwackin' off that fretboard!

But seriously, awesome stuff. I swear my life by a good CIJ Fender. I have on myself, and it's my go-to guitar. Glad you're happy!
Anywho nice amp and guitar.
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HNGD! I really want a Supersonic, but can't justify buying one as I've already got a decent amp.

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