Hi out there,

it s been a while and the last visits i ve posted songs of my "real" band
AlienLimbSign wich was a surely different direction. Now here is a song from my solo project RestZeit.

I made major changes to my guitar and consequently had to change my patches on my AxeFX and thought that would be the best point to rework my superior patches either.

So here is the song:


and i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed playin it ... if you have questions bout the recording chain, production, patches etc. don t hessitate to ask ... i ll answer for sure ...

and of course C4C ... but it can take a little while so please don t worry

Greatz M
everything sounds great!!...except the snare..imho of course..i think its alittle too boomy and a bit less verb would be nice..but everything sound amazing dude! check out my solo music project, i would love to work on something with ya!
I agree with zenabi, its pretty amazing :] but the snare is a bit too boomy to me, as he said. although its only really noticeable to me towards the start.
i really like it!

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1433349 check out my bands jam? we may make a full song out if it sometime. its like a Godsmack kind of sound, just a little heavier in my opinion.
Good job, hopefully I can do some recordings like this in the future
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Nice Stuff. Really good recording quality (besides the snare like the other guys said) I like how theres a lot different styles squeezed in. Like how you listed in your title . Just fix the snare and I think itll be finished.
Dude that track was straight up bad ass! Major props! At first, with the intro, I was a tad leery, but man, when it all came in, it was a great ride from then on out! There wasn't anything I didn't like about this track, and I agree with CreepingDeath, I didn't hear anything out of place with the snare.
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Alright. This sounds great. All the instruments come through very clear. Are those drums programmed? The guitar tones are really good. Sounds a bit like cloudkicker. also what guitars/amps did you use to record this? i really like the part that comes in at about 3:21

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Hi ...

and thou i know i could maybe do harm to the forum rules ... but ...

thx to ya all commenting and givin mostly kind words ... k the snare problem is something i am not sure about myself ... some would dislike it bout it cuts thru the mix

to answer the questions ...

the guitar i use is a ibanez 1527 with a BKP Aftermath

the drums are programmed

i use the Soldano and the Diezel amp sim of the AxeFX with Ownhammer impulses

i am just a little to drunk to write down all this in fine english but eastereggs etc.

sorry if this is straight against the rules here ...

Greatz drunken M
That was great!
At first I thought the overheads were a bit loud, but once the heavier section begun, it all fit. Maybe tweak the velocities a bit during the intro? I absolutely LOVED the guitar tone, was it quad tracked? Sounds massive, and now I really want an AxeFX myself About the snare man, dunno, I think it fits the song and works really well.

The song itself was really awesome. Cool riffs all over the place, great job! Was this written with vocals in mind?
A+ Production there buddy

It is a really good song overall so Ill just skip the obvious praise and give you some crits...

Leads could be more interesting or at least sound a little better. The one part where you hang on a few pitches has a nasally thin tone and I would like it more with a more glassy tone. This goes for the leads throughout. The rhythm on the other hand is spot on.

yea so work on that lead mixing/tone and its a done deal.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1435768
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