Hi all,
My band recently went through some changes and as of such I now need a bigger amp, around 50W+ (currently a Fender Frontman 15G *cringe*).
I'm the guitarist in my band, and we play in a kind of metal/hard rock style, so a distortion around the levels of Metallica would be sufficient, but I also need good cleans.

I missed out on a Peavey Studio Pro 112 for $200, and as of such am considering two amps, a Peavey Bandit 112 for $350 or a Behringer GMX212 which I can get for $250.
My biggest concerns include whether I want to fork out an extra $100 for a smaller amp, whether the Behringer is any good and whether I can haul the Behringer around on a bus to get to band practices. As of such, our band isn't gigging, but it's definitely something we're looking forward to in the future.

Any help would be very appreciated.

(Also, if these kinds of threads aren't allowed (I saw something in the rules about vs. threads), I apologise)
Avoid Behringer at all costs. they create nothing but shit. Peavey on the other hand are brilliant for the money. the bandit 112 is a beast and I cant really think of anything better for the price. May also want to check out a Hughes and Kettner Attax combo. THey are pretty good not sure on price though. I would take one over a peavey but again not sure of price.

Good Luck,
Ah, you're Australian too? Gear prices suck arse over here... you might have to jump on Melband and Gumtree and camp out until you find a good deal on a used tube amp...$350 won't get you much here unfortunately at new prices.
The only way I'm getting these two amps is through eBay anyway!
The Peavey is coming from Canberra, hence the large-ish price.
nup, still almost as expensive as aussie prices.

the bandit's pretty good for the price. if you really can't afford anymore and saving up isn't really an option, i'd go for that. otherwise, if you can save up, do it, and try for a used bugera 333 or one of the 626* variants.