so, i've been playing for two years now, but i managed to hit a giant musical barrier, that has affected both my learning and my listening, to the point where i can't even remember bands that i used to love listening to, which is kinda bad, but this isn't the place for that

i'm looking for a variety of songs to learn, preferably one that i can sing along to at the same time, from heavy metal, to punk, to indie, to just plain rock, mainly in Standard E tuning

bands i usually listen to include sick puppies, secondhand serenade, jason mraz, sex pistols, the ramones, avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine and pantera
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Well some catchy songs i love that you could sing along to is prob The Offspring and the 2 newest albums of Rise against.

On the other hand, i dont know how many songs or wich songs you know by those bands you like but i´d say Primal Concrete sledge by Pantera is a very good song to learn, it also test your ability to keep in time.
i can play most Sick Puppies songs, minus white balloons and a few others
i can play all the secondhand serenade songs from the first two albums, lucky;geek in the pink; wordplay and i'm yours by jason mraz
suprissingly i have a bit of trouble with sex pistols, but i can play most ramones.
nightmare, seize the day and so far away by a7x, can't play and bullet apart from the forever and always riff, and i can play walk by pantera apart from the solo part
The likes of Fade To Black, The Unforgiven are good for playing and singing, if you want a real challenge for doing both try Sad But True. All by Metallica (Just incase)

Edit: Sad but true is in D Standard.
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A lot of Megadeth songs are really easy to sing and play at the same time.
Symphony of Destruction
Dread and the Fugitive Mind
Sweating Bullets
Tornado of Souls
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