Hello, this is the first time i've noticed this new forum so i thought i'd show you my "beautiful" kit.

Tama starclassic performer c. mid 1990s in amber somethingorother tinted finish (yes it's orange i know)

the rack toms are 10" (25 cm) and 1' (30 cm) square, floor is 1' 2" (36 cm) square, the kick is 22" x 16" (56 cm x 41 cm) and the snare is 14" x 5½" (36 cm x 14 cm) Then you've got the cymbals:

Hihats- shite
crash left side- Paiste 2000 Sound Reflections 18"
splash- PAISTE 502 12" (30 cm)
crash right side is a Z custom 18" (46 cm)
The ride is a paiste power ride 22" (56 cm)
and finally the china cymbal which is an 18" (46 cm) ZXT titanium.

Hardware is a roc 'n' soc throne and all the cymbal stands are either DW 5000 or shite, with a DW 5002 double pedal and a 2 leg hihat stand.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, i know it was probably boring lol.

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