Would you say its important to focus on one song and get it perfect before moving on or is it ok to be practising several at once.

Ive been playing six months and have a bit of an obsessive personatility so up until about six weeks ago Ive been just doing excersizes and technique stuff. I realised that this isnt too much fun and have started learning songs and being quite a late starter on guitar (relatively, im 23) there are lots I want to learn. Im finding that I can get the basics of a song under my fingers quickish but it takes weeks of just playing the song whenever I get a spare five minutes to get comfortable with and it sounding good. Meanwhile Im anxious to keep learning new things but I worried that Ill just end up being able to play a tonne of stuff sloppy.

What do you guys think? Also is it best to learn the whole song or just the 'interesting' bits?
If you're gonna play in a band, you need to be able to play full songs. So I say learn the entire song, maybe skip solos and play rhythm parts if they are hard.
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When learning a lot of songs, when you can't play a certain bit in one song it's easy to just forget about it and try to play a different song instead of putting the time in to nail the tricky section. As long as you keep trying to learn bits you can't initially play I think you can learn as many as you want.
to quote yngwie:"when it sounds good, it sounds good"

i never learn songs note for note, especially solos but i try to get as close to the original as possible with riffs. of course when you play a song that everyone knows (e.g. crazy train) you won't get away with playing the intro different
ok cool, Im not trying to shirk off something cause its hard. Ive been learning the solo for The Kids Aresnt Alright (The Offspring) and I can play most of it at about 3/4 speed and i will get it but I dont really want to spend all of my time on it when I can be learning new things if its gonna come good eventually anyway. The first song I learned was Supersonic (oasis) and I just kept playing the harder bits whenever there was a 5 min gap between doing other thing and eventually I can play it without even thinking. I guess I just wanted some reasurance that this bad practice and only worked cause Oasis songs are easy.

Also when you learn a song with a lead and a rhythm is a bad idea to try and mash them into a single guitar part?
OP, to each their own... everyone learns diffrently!

For me personally I hate to learn a song from start to end before picking up another. I usually learn a few measures go play something completley diffrent. Then switch back and forth. It forces me to try and remember something, then forget it, and try to remember it again later.

If I play all the way through a song more times than not, I'm just sight reading the tab or sheet music and not actually learning anything. If I let myself forget and remember it. It forces me to actually learn it
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I like to learn a song from beginning to end before moving on to another. This doesn't mean that I learn everything note for note, I just learn the entire song so that it sounds good.

Once you have the gist of the song you can always continue to learn and develop it further. Just don't get hung up on playing one song perfectly. I did that when I first started and it really stunted my progress in the beginning.
You will notice in the tabs section that every song is interpreted differently by everyone that transcribes it. Sometimes it's written an octave down, sometimes a chord might be different, etc...

I find it impossibly time consuming and unbearable to learn a song note for note. It's asking a lot of yourself to be perfect in this respect because a lot of times, a guitarist will just play the guitar, it will sound great, and (s)he'll transcribe exactly what it is later. Because it's easier to just play it and then transcibe it than transcribe something and then play it.

Developing a good "ear" is the key rather than learning by what is written on the paper and memorizing. Imo.
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