Well, think I'll just be stating the obvious here but seriously sort that guitar tone out. Theres a bunch of good free vst amp sims on the internet, or you could purchase Amplitube, whatever. Something a bit weird with all of them though are the cab simulations they use are trash, so do a little homework on cab impulses such as guitarhacks and use that. For the drums, use midi drums, always. Addictive drums has a free version of their software even though its very limited, or once again you could just purchase something like EZ drummer or superior drummer.

As far as the composition goes, i think you need to broaden your influences a bit. At the least, take some influences from all shades of metal, and also just start listening to completely different genres all together.

edit: don't be a pirate... apparently
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Hey ...

ok the tip to pirate anything goes far beyond forum rules i think but at least techindustrial is not realy wrong ... there is seriously a lot of work for you to do ...

first the problem with the guitar sound ... go and spend some money ... at least 100 € to get something USABLE ... you and your playin and at least the listeners of your music will benefit from this ... everything from line6 will sound massively better ... or you look at redwirez, ownhammer, andysneap-forum etc. to get an idea of what good impulses can do ...

second the timing issues ... it is not that your drums are lackin timing (you should ALWAYS use programmed MIDI/a real drummer) there are some points where i thought you are tryin to play polyrythmic ... you should give practice to a metronome a try

anyway ... as far as your ideas goes ... i think they are a little old fashioned but ok and with some melodies, a bass, tighter playin and better sound they will work fine as a startin point ...

so sorry to be that hard on critix but you should do some homework ... but you ARE on the right track

as far as C4C goes here is mine https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1433421

Keep it goin and do not give up

Greatz M