Have you ever heard a song in a video game that you thought was aweome, then stumbled on a remix of the song that was even cooler?

I just did. A friend was making a Legend of Zelda fan film (school project) and wanted some Zelda music for the score and for a couple trailers that he was required to make. so I looked for this as it was one of my favorite Zelda tunes ever:


Upon looking for this, I stumbled across a remix that just sounded beautiful to my ears. Huge improvement in my opinion.


Has anyone else stumbled upon cool remixes of your favorite video game music?
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Look up "Voices of The Lifestream", particularly the track Omnislash.

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A while back I found the DooM metal remix. Found out that the person who made it has it on a 2 disk CD that you an torrent with 21 other songs. Was really excited about that until I found out that some of the other songs were made techno, but none the less I think is remix sounds amazing!