I know nothing about gear. So you've probably seen me asking nooby questions all over this forums haha.

I play progressive pop rock. Which you can hear here;


I'm thinking about getting some new pick ups for my Epiphone Les Paul custom. Obviously something that would suit this style.

As i said, literally no idea what i'm supposed to be looking for. Would getting some single coils be a no no? Someone once told me you could get humbuckers that split into single coils? Hmm.

Thanks, Jamie.
being a noob myself as far as modding is concerned you can get humbuckers that split (coil tap) into single coils, but you are either going to have to have someone who knows what they are doing install it for you as it will require some atypical wiring, not hard but different. as far as brand of pickups seymour duncan makes amazing pickups and they also have very informative wiring diagrams on their website to suite your needs.
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any humbucker that has 4 wires can be toil split/coil tapped. It's means you turn off one of the poles of the humbucker (either the adjustable side or the non-adjustable 'slug' side) to make it sound like a single coil.

If you can find "on-on-on" miniswitches where you live, you can wire a humbucker so you have a choice between both poles on (full humbucker) adjustable poles on, on slug poles on. They're slightly harder to find than the standard "on-on" mini switch, which gives you the option of going full humbucker, or turning off one set of poles, depending on how you connect the pickup wires

You may encounter "push-pull potentiometers" which replace one of the existing pots on your guitar, but has an "on-on" switch built into it.

Most people use "on-on" miniswitches or push-pulls for their coil taps, which only give you two tonal options. If you can find an "on-on-on" you get three :-)
I would check out https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1282071 for some help choosing which pickups you would like. Single coils would suck to put in IMO. I would stick with Humbuckers but like Argentotenebre said you can get some humbuckers that split.
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