these are the start of the lyrics, feel free to give constructive critism and also a song name. i need both!

You walk
Down this lonely street
Where your lies that breathe across run through the trees
Down on your knees to conformity
You can have your last words
They'll mean nothing to me
a bit like sidewalk warrior by screeching weasel. have a listen, if you haven't. These are some good lyrics though.
Those are pretty good. I like the: Down on your knees to conformity part lol.
seems a bit cliche, especially with how many newer bands write lyrics similarly but good nonetheless

any chance you could post the rest?
yea this song is mainly about a girl that i worked with who i just hated because she was your typical fake conforming bitch lol i just had to write a song cuz i hate her so much. but im in the process of writing the lyrics still. im kinda going with a megadeth feel to it... but i am MORE than aware of the typical mainstream b4mv type of shitty love song about a girl he hates. its difficult to be different